ZAIMAR Name History

Long ago, during the first centuries of our era, in a small and humble village located on the Eastern Coast of the Mediterranean, where the soil was so arid that even hope did not grow, a cunning young man with a noble spirit and an entrepreneurial mind, named ZAIMAR, he decided to challenge all adverse conditions and seek opportunities to grow the village beyond its limits. So he gathered all the creative mind and skillful hand of the artisans of his town they could create: fine looms and gobelins, magnificent carpets, beautiful poems, aromatic oils and everything that could arouse the interest, desire and need of the neighboring towns to find through of these an advantageous exchange of goods.

Thus the years passed and the towns saw the volumes of exchange grow with explosive success as the distances between them shortened as a result of commercial development. However, for ZAIMAR, who always showed that he was ahead of his time, this was not enough and he perceived that he could make better use of his travels by applying new knowledge in the villages, which he discovered with genuine interest in them. Thus he noted that Ugarit's new carving technique could be successfully implemented in Byblos, that a crazy urbanization concept that he heard in Sidon was needed in Beritos, as was the architectural design proposal that he heard from a builder in Threw. At the same time, to streamline trade and negotiation, he implemented an innovative accounting system in all these cities.

Since then, with trade developing thanks to new products and services under the careful supervision and application of new administrative techniques imposed by ZAIMAR, PROSPERITY was the word most used in the entire region, so much so that in gratitude each people declared ZAIMAR as their most illustrious citizen, credited with his origin, while many other caravans and merchants tried to emulate the success of ZAIMAR, only to reach the cities and see, surprised, that at each step of ZAIMAR they grew enormously in wealth and modernity. It was thus that over time in all the towns of the region, ZAIMAR took on a meaning of its own, over time, ZAIMAR became synonymous with PROSPERITY.

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